Duck feathers designed to fly on the track

After two seasons exploring racing sponsorships, Aflac engaged Roush Fenway Racing as the Sprint Cup 99 team’s primary sponsor with driver Carl Edwards. 

The challenge was to develop a visual identity system that authentically connected the Aflac brand to racing. The goal was to make Aflac Racing look fast and powerful. The stylized feather graphic served as the core element of the identity system. The feather graphic combined with the black and lime green color palette gave 99 a unique, eye-catching look on and off the track.

  • Visual Identity System
  • Team branding
  • Photoshoots
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Environment Design
  • Website branding
  • 4-Year Partnership
Aflace 99 Paintscheme Design
Aflac 99 Firesuite Design
Aflac 99 Hauler and Showcar Trailers
Aflac 99 Brand Guidelines
Aflac 99 Hero cards
Aflac Racing photo
Aflac 99 Pit Design
Aflac 99 Action photo
Aflac Racing Wrap Install
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