Helping you reach your brand’s tipping point

Working with a top branding agency is usually the final push a brand needs to move past its tipping point, the place where your momentum amplifies success. The challenge for most brands is reaching this point.

Photo of Jon

Hi, I’m Jon Voss, a brand designer & strategist with 30 years of experience elevating some of the world’s most admired and trusted brands. I’ve worked solo and led teams that successfully competed against some of the world’s best branding agencies.

I’ve created VossG2 to focus on brand identity and explore better ways to help clients get closer to their brand’s tipping point. Let’s bridge the gap.

Why is strategic design important?

Vision & Personality
Communicates your brand’s unique style, personality and vision.
Customer Connection
Attracts your ideal customer and build long term emotional bonds.
Quality Perception
Represents the quality of your brand’s products and/or services.
Category Relevance
Creates an intrinsic connection with your brand's industry or category.
Competitive Difference
Helps your brand stand out in the sea of sameness.
Confidence & Pride
Builds internal confidence to help move your business forward.

Extending my services

A partner service model

If your need exceeds my abilities, I collaborate with partners I admire, respect, and trust. They are exceptional creative professionals in advertising, brand & marketing strategy, CRM, environmental design, illustration, packaging, UI/UX, PR, and video production.

My Values & Beliefs